Double Your Impact in the Next 30 Days

All Donations Matched Dollar for Dollar up to $23,000 for 30 Days.

$54,468 raised

$91,000 goal

/ 150


30 Days All donations doubled up to 23K. Help us reach 5 possible goals

(Update! The Matching Goal has been reached, with 21 days to spare! 4 of 5 goals Complete!!!

This fundraiser is a huge tipping point for launching 5 different spaces within the newly opened Makerspace, including finishing the woodshop, building 2 more classrooms, finishing the sewing Lab, and finishing the certified Kitchen. Most of these projects are well along the way, and can be finished soon with a little help.

Goal #1 REACHED! $2500 = $5000 with match. This amount finishes the woodshop in the Makerspace. The woodshop is full of state of the art equipment, brought in by Dehradun Guitars. The woodshop space is now 95% finished, just needing about $5000 worth of safety and air handling measures, before adding the woodshop to our afterschool programs and Makerspace capacities. (more details in video)

Goal #2 REACHED! $4000 = $8000 with the match. This extra $3000 will finish the sewing lab. We already have a lot of equipment in place as well as space and interest and leadership around the sewing/textiles. We know that the sewing lab will be a Key component to empowering many people through the space.

Goal #3 REACHED! $11,500. This amount matched = $23,000 funds raised. Subtract goal 1 and 2 and we have $15,000 to spend on building 2 more badly needed classrooms in the Makerspace.

Goal #4 $23,000 REACHED!! This is the current ceiling of the Matching donation pool. If we can raise $23k together, we will have $46k to invest into the work. This next amount will go toward finishing a commercially certified kitchen. This will serve the community as well as up and coming food entrepreneurs and will provide a space for nutrition classes.

Lets not stop there...

Goal# 5 We dearly need to hire our first full time program manager. This will double our full time staff!!! Imagine the possibilities of that! The next $45,000 will allow us to hire someone to dedicate their efforts on establishing all the future programming in the makerspace. This will greatly increase our capacity and impact.

Thank you for all the support and partnership over the years. Lets do this together!

Our Supporters