Help disadvantaged communities rebuild from within.

Together we can change the odds for inner city youth.

$93,100 raised

$100,000 goal

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Grassroots Community Development where its needed most.

The Urban Farming Guys is a 501c3 Non Profit organization that exists to help disadvantaged communities rebuild from within. At The Urban Farming Guys, we focus on building local economy, capacity and resiliency while giving back to the global open source community.

UFG utilizes alternative forms of capital and works to get things done by whatever means available and with assets the community already has in place. It's organic in nature. We share our work globally through an open-source model. We work hard to put appropriate technologies in place to help villages thrive in extraordinary circumstances. We raise up local talent and provide access to tools, knowledge and human capital. Together, we are cultivating the groundwork for the next generation to thrive.

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